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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Tharo Systems is a Master Distributor for DNP IMS America’s thermal transfer ribbons. These ribbons are only available through Tharo Resellers. If you would like to receive information from one of our Resellers, please contact us.

These specifications are needed in order for us to provide the correct ribbon for your printer:

  1. Is the ink on the inside or outside of the roll?
  2. The Diameter of the CORE –standard sizes are ½”(12mm), 1” (25 mm) and 40mm.
  3. The Width of the roll.
  4. The Length of the ribbon on the roll.
  • DNP TR4055®TR4055 features a blend of waxes and a unique resin combined to make an ink that flows smoothly at low print energy to give uniform coverage on lower end substrates. It also incorporates technology designed to control and dissipate static charges and a backcoat proven to protect your printhead. Specially formulated to provide excellent performance in a broad range of applications, TR4055® sets the standard for everyday thermal transfer printing.
  • DNP TR4085plus®(Replaces TR4050 and TR4050A) TR4085plus Resin Enhanced Wax ribbon brought wax technology to a wider range of applications. TR4085plus features DNP’s SmoothCoat™ backcoat, provides unparalleled printhead protection, while delivering the darkest, most durable images. In addition, TR4085plus prints on a wide range of substrates at temperatures consistent with those used for TR4085. Prints at high speeds (12 IPS) delivering crisp, rotated bar codes, dissipates static, superior print quality on flood-coated labels and enhanced smudge and scratch resistance. Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications, it’s the same price as TR4085 was and comes with a four-million-inch printhead protection guarantee*.
  • DNP Signature Series™ Wax:  Signature Series™ Wax is a reliable, cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. It prints at high speeds and delivers crisp, durable images on a variety of substrates. It is versatile enough to print on paper as well as low-end synthetics.
  • DNP TR3021 (Red), TR3022 (Blue), TR3023 (Green)TR3021 Red (Pantone 199C), TR3022 Blue (Pantone 286C) and TR3023 Green (Pantone 355C) provide excellent print clarity and are highly smudge resistant.
  •  DNP M260: M260 is DNP’s most versatile and durable wax/resin ribbon.  M260 is recognized by leading label manufacturers for its broad range of label adaptability, providing increased abrasion resistance and print sensitivity.  This ribbon is perfect for printing long lasting images on coated tags, uncoated tags, flood coats, and glossy print media.  M260 also prints at speeds up to 12 IPS utilizing less print energy than competing wax/resin ribbons.
  • DNP TRX-50(Replaces TR5050)  TRX-50 is a versatile and durable wax/resin ribbon. Designed to print at low temperatures and high speeds while providing the darkest image possible from a general-purpose ribbon.*
  • DNP TRX-55:  TRX-55 is a premium wax/resin formulation designed to print on a wide variety of receiving materials. This includes coated and uncoated paper labels and tags, varnished label stock and films. This ribbon will offer excellent bar code scanning with sharp, reliable images at a wide variety of printing speeds. TRX-55 is also an extremely versatile all-purpose wax/resin that will out-perform other ribbons in extreme environments. Powerful resistance against smearing and chemicals makes TRX-55 a perfect choice for your demanding environment.
  • DNP Signature Series™ Wax/Resin: Signature Series™ Wax/Resin prints on paper and low-end synthetic tags and labels, providing durable, smudge-resistant images. In addition, DNP’s proprietary technology dissipates static, resulting in hassle-free, low-maintenance thermal transfer solutions.
  • DNP R300 (Replaces TR6075): R300’s extensive label adaptability and high print speed capability makes it the most diverse resin of its kind.  It outperforms the competition in abrasion and solvent resistance, uses less print energy and is designed with DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect printheads and extend printhead life.  And, like all DNP ribbons, R300 is an industry leader in Edge Definition™ producing dark, dense images for improved scan rates.
  • DNP R316 (Replaces TRX-76): R316 is unique in the industry – the best resin ribbon for printing on paper and synthetic paper substrates.  It is also able to withstand environmental temperatures of up to 220°C (428°F) making it perfect for applications like heat tunnel passage.  R316 uses remarkably low print energy settings while producing high quality heat resistant bar codes.  This ribbon’s design incorporates DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties that protect the printhead, and also prints with DNP’s unmatched Edge Definition™ — producing clean, extremely durable, dense bar codes every time.
  • DNP R350: R350 is a highly durable resin for special garment care applications.  It has incredible steam resistant qualities and is dry clean and laundry safe.  R350 is specially formulated with DNP’s exclusive back coating technology for printhead protection.  Also, it comes standard with DNP’s special anti-static properties for easy handling and extra printhead protection.
  • DNP TR4070: The fastest growing resin product on the market, TR4070 is a premium ribbon that carries widespread agency approvals. It can also withstand an unprecedented 14 years of UV exposure. UL/CSA recognized, AGA/CGA recognized, eliminates the need for overlaminates in many cases, FDA approved for indirect food contact, features DNP’s SmoothCoat™ backcoating and heat resistant up to 400°F.
  • DNP R510 (Replaces TR6070): R510 ribbon has no substitute – it’s the toughest resin on the market.  R510 is the only resin ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with DNP’s unmatched scratch and solvent resistance.  Designed with DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect the printhead, R510 has unbeatable Edge Definition™ for crisp, extremely durable, and dense harsh environmental bar codes.
  • DNP TR3370 (White): DNP’s white resin satisfies the requirements of emerging industrial and outdoor sign markets. It provides superior smudge/scratch resistance as well as exceptional long-term durability. It was specifically formulated for PVC shrink-wrapping and is highly resistant to Ethanol and Isopropanol. UL recognized.
  • DNP Signature Series™ Resin: Signature Series™ Resin delivers excellent smudge and scratch resistant performance in your most demanding applications. It can withstand extreme heat and UV exposure.
  • DNP TR4500: TR4500 is the best ribbon on the market for the new generation of thermal transfer printers equipped with near edge or corner edge printheads. TR4500’s backcoating reduces static and prolongs printhead life. FDA approved for indirect food contact, prints excellent images on a wide variety of label and tag stocks (paper to low-end synthetics) and prints dark images at high speeds and low energy settings.
  • DNP M295 Plus (Black, Silver, White): M295 Plus is the next generation of near edge ribbon for the flexible packaging industry!  This enhanced ribbon prints at speeds up to 26 IPS (660mm per second) making it extremely desirable for high speed flexible packaging applications.  M295 Plus also outperforms the competition in adherence of the ink to a variety of substrates resulting in remarkable durability and amazing image density that creates crisp, black images.
  • DNP R390R390 near edge ribbon offers the same quality resin printing as the popular R300 for near edge applications.  See DNP R300 for more information.
  • DNP R396:  R396 boasts printing speeds as high as 26 IPS (660mm per second) making this ribbon the choice for high-speed flexible packaging applications. In addition to its high performance, R396 exceeds competition in abrasion resistance and is a viable solution to applications such as parts packaging, medical devices, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. R396 is designed with DNP’s standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect printheads and extend printhead life. R396 also features edge definition to produce dark, dense images for improved scan rates.

Tharo Systems can also provide you with DNP’s full range of vivid and bold colors for wax, wax/resin and resin color thermal transfer ribbons. Contact us for a quote.

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How to get the best print quality

Tharo Systems provides label and ribbon matching services free of charge to Tharo Resellers. Tharo provides this service to aid our resellers in choosing the correct ribbon formulation for the label stock they are using. Factors such as durability, image quality, and application characteristics are taken into account when finding the best label and ribbon match. All label material is tested using the DNP line of thermal transfer ribbons. All results are determined using Tharo Systems line of Thermal Transfer Printers. End user’s should contact Tharo Systems for a local reseller to work with when matching is required. Please contact Michael for further information on this free service.

*DNP Guarantee: DNP guarantees that any thermal transfer printhead can run up to four million linear inches of DNP TR4085plus or TRX-50 thermal transfer ribbon without suffering any damage caused by the ribbon. For this guarantee to be valid, DNP insists that you follow the OEM’s recommended maintenance schedule, use manufacturer-approved media and comply with manufacturer-specified operating conditions. But, if by some strange twist of fate, a printhead is damaged by DNP’s TR4085plus or TRX-50 ribbon, they will replace it at no cost to you. Copies of the Printhead Guarantee Claim Form TR4085plus / Printhead Guarantee Service Procedures are available from Tharo upon request.

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