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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is EASYLABEL Terminal Server?

A: EASYLABEL Terminal Server allows you to run EASYLABEL on the Windows Terminal Server platform. The Windows Terminal Server is comparable to other operating systems like Windows 8 or Windows 10. Client PC’s are installed with Client Terminal Services which enable them to access any software on the Terminal server. The software and sentinel key is only installed on the Terminal Server machine.

Q: What are the benefits of EASYLABEL Terminal Server?

A: Using EASYLABEL Terminal Server cuts down on network administrative time and labor. A network administrator could install one copy of EASYLABEL Terminal Server, on the Terminal Server, and all the clients on the network can access that one copy. Because you only upgrade the software on the Server, upgrading all the EASYLABEL users would be fast and simple.

Q: Can I use the same hardware key that I am currently using with my existing copy of EASYLABEL?

A: Yes, unless you are currently using EASYLABEL Multi-User.  A specially programmed hardware key must be used when the operating system that EASYLABEL is installed on is Windows Terminal Server.

Q: Will I be able to use my existing formats, which were created using EASYLABEL?

A: Yes. All existing formats will work with EASYLABEL Terminal Server.

Q: How many clients can use EASYLABEL Terminal Server at one time?

A: An unlimited number of users can access EASYLABEL Terminal Server at any given time. The downside to running Windows Terminal Server is that the more clients that are connected, the greater the hardware requirements tend to be.

Q: Does the Windows Terminal Server need to be powered on at all times?

A: Yes. In order for clients to access any software on the Windows Terminal Server the server should be running at all times.

Q: What is included when I order EASYLABEL Terminal Server?

A: EASYLABEL Terminal Server consists of 2 parts: 1. The CD which contains software including EASYLABEL Terminal Server, EasyTutor, Readme files and instructions for installation and usage. 2. The specially programmed hardware key that will enable EASYLABEL to function under the Windows Terminal Server platform.

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