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Newest EASYLABEL Download

Version:  Release Date: April 29, 2019

EASYLABEL is a FREE download for users with EASYLABEL 6.2 keys.  EASYLABEL 6.3 runs on all Windows operating systems released after and including Windows Vista. All 64 bit systems are supported where applicable. EASYLABEL 6.3 will NOT install under Windows XP, 95/98/ME or Windows NT. If you need to use EASYLABEL with one of these operating systems, download EASYLABEL 6.2 (XP only), EASYLABEL 5.6 or EASYLABEL 4.  All EASYLABEL downloads include the WIBU-key drivers.  No other files are needed.

EASYLABEL 6.2 was the last FREE update for  EASYLABEL 5, 6.0 and 6.1 key owners.  Those customers can upgrade to EASYLABEL 6.2 for FREE by clicking HERE.

A complete list of changes in EASYLABEL 6.3 README

Click a link to download EASYLABEL

  • el5 EASYLABEL will run in a Platinum demonstration mode without a hardware key. The installation of a hardware key will turn this demo into a fully enabled version. This EASYLABEL download includes the EASYLABEL Demo, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Terminal Server and Net Print Server versions.
  • el5 EASYLABEL Multi-User   is the EASYLABEL client software when using EASYLABEL Multi-User licensing.   Note:  Do not download EASYLABEL Multi-User as a Demo.  Only the single license version of EASYLABEL above will open in demo mode and it will open as Platinum Demo.
  • el5 EASYLABEL Start is the FREE version of EASYLABEL that ships with every THARO branded printer. EASYLABEL Start will only function with EASYLABEL‘s internal drivers for the THARO T-Series, H-Plus Series, H-400 Series, H-600 Series, H-Series, V-Plus Series and V-Series printers. EASYLABEL Start does NOT support the use of Windows Drivers or storing label formats in Flash memory.
  • Wibu Key Drivers for EASYLABEL 6.  These Drivers are NOT required when installing EASYLABEL 6 because they are included in the EASYLABEL 6 download.  However, you may want to download them separately in case you want to run the Wibu-Key Network Server  process on a PC that does NOT have EASYLABEL installed on it.
  • The EASYLABEL Key ID application makes it EASY for any user to identify exactly what EASYLABEL version and feature level they are currently running and if there is a newer, free version upgrade available.

EASYLABEL Print History Console (PHC) Server Setup Script and Instructions

The Print History Console provides a central location for your EASYLABEL reports and logs. Multiple copies of EASYLABEL 6 can connect to the Print History Console allowing for centralized logging and reporting.  The Print History Console can be used with EASYLABEL 6 Platinum or higher.

EASYLABEL Net Print Server Application (ELNPS)

The EASYLABEL Net Print Server (ELNPS) application provides a web browser-based interface for label selection and printing. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Net Print Server version of EASYLABEL.

Although ELNPS Clients can be any system with a web browser, the ELNPS Label Server Application MUST be installed on a Windows based system because of ELNPS’s use of ASP.NET. The Net Print Server Application will function in demo mode unless a special Net Print Server Wibu key (labeled “N”) is installed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The release numbers for EASYLABEL and the EASYLABEL Net Print Server Application MUST MATCH. If you update EASYLABEL you must update the Net Print Server Application and if you update the Net Print Server Application you must update EASYLABEL.


You can download an ISO of the latest EASYLABEL DVD HERE Warning! File size is 800MB